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Wheezy the Water Cow is a happy hippo! 


I always found hippos to be very interesting and consider them modern majestic creatures. Did  you know that hippos tend to wheeze or that they were sometimes called water cows? Neither did I! I also learned that they snort, gurgle, and have several other nicknames they are lovingly referred to!  Designing wheezy and doing research on the species teaches that they are wild animals, potentially dangerous to humans, but when situations are calm are quite quirky and very comical!


This crochet pattern is easy and great for beginners.  Wheezy can be made with your favorite yarn, but may change in size. 



Your favorite yarn

Small guage crochet hook 

Safety eyes or felt circle cutouts

Yarn Needle

Stitch Maker

Row Counter

Fiberfill for stuffing



Pattern Correction was made 01/23/2021


Rnd 3: sc 1, 1 inc, sc 14, 1 inc, sc 2, 1 inc, sc 14, 1 inc, sc1 (40)

Rnd 4: sc 1, 1 inc, sc 15, 1 inc, sc 4, 1 inc, sc 15, 1 inc, sc 1 (44)


Wheezy the Water Cow

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